Smartie had a partial hoofwall resection because he has white line disease. White line disease destroys the inner hoofwall called the stratum medium leaving a cavity under the outer hoofwall. The micro-organisms that cause white line disease are anaerobic, so exposing the infected area to air is an effective treatment. A heartbar shoe was applied to distribute the load of the missing wall to the frog, allowing Smartie to remain sound while he grows a healthy hoofwall

Heartbar to distribute load

Inside Right Hind Leg

Webow was brought to me with an infected quarter crack. I removed the patch / stitching and cleaned up the crack with a dremel. Webow's hoof was treated for about two weeks to remove the infection. I shod the hoof with a heart bar and a three quarter rim pad. This stabilized the hoof and allowed the heel / quarter area of the hoof to settle into a normal position. After about three shoeing periods, Webow was shod with normal shoes and has had no problems since.
Joey doesn't have any lameness issues, however his heels have been allowed to get to tall and run forward. A simple trim is all that is needed to fix the problem.

Bill - Long term history on horse via photos
Bill had a case of white line disease. When I first saw Bill his hoof was covered in acrylic. This accelerated the growth of the disease and made the condition of Bill's hoof even worse. I removed the acrylic and resected the hoof wall from the infected area. Bill was shod with a heart bar on the good foot and the resected hoof was placed in a boot. Later as the hoof wall grew down, both feet were shod with noraml shoes.
1st Visit (week 1):
6 weeks later:
12 weeks later:
18 weeks later:
24 weeks later: