1. Don't be fooled by fancy names and gimmicks
    • - A good well balanced trim is still and always will be the best hoof care you can provide for your horse.
    • - Calling a trim 'natural' or 'barefoot', etc, doesn't make it better.
  2. A six week shoeing/trimming interval is long for most horses
    • - Performance horses should be done in shorter intervals (4 to 5 weeks)
    • - Horses with confirmation defects or abnormal feet will benefit from a shorter interval.
  3. It is the owners responsibility to help keep the shoes on the horses feet.
    • - Use proper fitting bell boots when turning horses outside.
    • - Fix mats, boards and other objects in stall that horse could get hoof caught on.
    • - Don't turn horses out in extreme pasture conditions. (mud, ice, etc).
  4. Seek advice from professionals before purchasing a horse.
    • - Veterinarian - pre-purchase exam.
    • - Farrier - Hoof related issues.
    • - Trainer - Questions about horses ability.
  5. Clean and pick out horses feet when leaving and returning to stall.
    • - Look for lost and sprung shoes.
    • - Check for cuts, swelling and bruising, etc.
    • - Look at your horses feet on a regular basis, so you know what is normal for your horse.
  6. Keep your farrier and vet informed about subtle soreness before it becomes a big issue.
    • - Don't over use your horse.
    • - Properly warm up and cool down.

Keeping your horse sound is a team effort. If everyone does their part your horse will be happy and healthier for it.